Winter Break: Hunter Mountain


In my previous blog, I talked about the course of my life over the past several years and my fear of playing it too safe.  Ultimately, this fear lead me to explore a new path.

A year ago, I made the harsh decision to quit my career so I could move into a house with seven other strangers and take an adventure on a reality tv show.

That was one of the craziest decisions I ever made and now I get to share that experience with you.

You can watch all the drama that unfolds when you leave me and my seven roommates stranded in a cabin at Hunter Mountain, New York.

It’s winter break like you’ve never seen it before. You can expect plenty of partying, snowboarding (not by me lol), friendships (and lack there of), laughter, crying, and drama. I wanted adventure and I certainly got it.

So check us out on February 27 at 10:30/9:30c pm on MTV.

You can also stay up to date by checking out our official instagram at Winter Break.


Who Should You Keep?


It’s human nature to want to be loved. We need friends to reassure us that we belong. But  as time goes on, the importance of quantity diminishes and quality rises . My smaller, solid group of loyal and supportive friends has brought me more happiness than being popular ever has.

Although it may sound harsh, getting rid of friends is necessary at times. I want to invest myself in people that genuinely care, love, and support. Not people that come around when it is convenient or serves them.

I took the time to evaluate what people I want in my life and these are the people I chose for my team.


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