I Am Titanium


I started working at a bar recently and I’ve been meeting so many interesting people. Interesting is not my nice way of saying strange or weird either. I just mean there are so many different personalities, perspectives, and walks of life that I wouldn’t usually get to meet otherwise.

The other night, two customers came up to the bar and asked about my tattoo. This is a pretty common question that I usually give a direct answer to with no explanation.

It says, “I am titanium”.

In most instances, the conversation ends there. On occasion, people ask who sings it or they’ll tell me they know it. That’s where it ends.

Tonight was different. This time, they wanted to know who sang it, what it was about, and why I liked it.

I didn’t mind answering their questions at all. They knew was Sia (the girl who swings from chandeliers, but that was about it). So I started to explain…


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Leave The Comfort Zone


I spent a lot of time in the comfort zone and it’s not as great as it seems. It was a trap to get me stuck in a routine that I don’t even like. I just did it to feel safe and it was easy.

Eventually things changed in my life and I decided it was time to move out of that zone and here is why…

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