What Traveling To Japan Taught Me


  1. You don’t need it

If you ever want to downsize or live life with only the essentials, move to Japan. They will teach you a thing or two about making a small space work.

When I first walked into my hotel, I thought it was tight. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it wasn’t what I was used to. I could manage with no problem.

Then I walked over to my friend’s apartment. I was visiting Japan because my uncle has a friend who was living there at the time and willing to be an amazing tour guide/friend. Her apartment was directly across the street from my hotel.

When I walked into her apartment, I was amazed. She didn’t even have a bed. Well technically she did. She had a mat that she rolls out with a thin mattress.

I always thought a bed with a necessity, apparently there is a whole country that would beg to differ.

I personally like my comfy bed, but I guess being in another country can really teach you how different living can be depending on where you grow up.

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The Lucky One



I wouldn’t call myself a conceited person, but I do know my worth. I’m not afraid to be alone. I don’t freely offer time, effort, or affection. You have to be lucky to get that.

I date casually, but it’s mostly for entertainment purposes and to pass time. But true commitment is a whole different story. There are high expectations that need to be met in order to catch me. Unfortunately, so many people seem mediocre.

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Always Pick You Flowers


You and I decided to go to a bar. It was within walking distance. We had low expectations for the night since we were both sleeping twenty minutes prior to leaving.

On our way there, you plucked a small flower out of the dirt road and handed it to me. That was when our insignificant night turned important.

I’ve walked by hundreds of flowers in my lifetime. I have never stopped to pick one for somebody. Neither has anyone ever picked one for me.

Part of the problem is that I’m so absorbed in my thoughts that I pay no attention to what’s around me. We live in a generation that constantly looks down at their phones. The only time we pay attention to the scenery is when we want to take a picture for Snapchat. We check Instagram during dinner. We update Facebook statuses while talking with friends.

Everyone has forgotten to live in the moment….everyone but you.

That’s when I first realized to appreciated you.

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