10 Signs It’s More Than A Crush


1. You aren’t awkward anymore. It’s crazy to think this, but you’re actually yourself.  You say all the really stupid things you wanted to say before, but stopped yourself. It’s way past being worried about being judged. They already know you have a silly, loud, or crazy side and they didn’t run away.

2. You don’t need to do extravagant things or planned out date nights together. You’re happy with doing just about anything. With the right person, you could literally sit on a sidewalk and talk.  Conversation and laughter comes easy.

3. You stop analyzing everything they say and do. You don’t need hints to find out how you should feel or where they stand.

4. There’s no hyperventilating before inviting them somewhere with you. When you need a date for an event in a month, you invite them. It’s simple. They will go with you as long as they don’t have something else planned.

5. There is a groove to your texting.  You already know they will text you when they wake up, get out of class, leave work, etc. No more driving yourself crazy wondering when they will call or text again.

6. The ridiculous “texting rules” don’t apply either. If you have something to say, you say it. You can careless about sending the first text. You also don’t care if that text comes with two more following texts.  You share a story from your day and they care about hearing it. It doesn’t matter how long the text is or how many come with the story.

7. Going off that, you also ditch the waiting rule. Before you didn’t want to look eager or always available. Now you see their name on your phone and reply. Isn’t it weird how all the rules go out the window?

8. And when they don’t text back right away, the world is not over. The both of you have already gotten to a point where you know the connection is there. They aren’t answering because they are busy, not because they lost interest in you.

9. The people you have kept on reserve for desperate or bored times start to become boring themselves. You ditch the backup list.

10. You aren’t looking for new perspectives either. You are too occupied with your person to pay attention to others. It may seem impossible, but you’re actually satisfied with what you’ve got. Why get another?

Learn To Give Your Best


You’ve proven yourself time and time again, but this is still new to me and old habits die hard.

I’m the first to jump to conclusions. I can convince myself of almost anything and I’ll always take the first opportunity to run. It’s nothing against you. It’s just who I’ve become.

I associate commitment with a loss of independence and my heart naturally longs for freedom.

Deep down I know relationships don’t have to be suffocating. I’m just biased because it’s all I’ve known.

But I think you can change my mind. You never ask too much of me. You care without expectation. I appreciate that about you. So I’ll try to be a better me because you’re always giving the best of you.

The Sabotage Queen



I have come to the realization that I can give my friends great advice when it comes to relationships, but I refuse to follow it in my own life.

I know what I should be doing and then I consciously do the opposite. I purposely don’t answer phone calls, refuse to send text messages first, and God forbid I let anyone meet my friends or family. I keep everyone at a safe distance.

So what do I do when I meet someone I genuinely like, but bad habits start taking over?

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