Learn To Give Your Best


You’ve proven yourself time and time again, but this is still new to me and old habits die hard.

I’m the first to jump to conclusions. I can convince myself of almost anything and I’ll always take the first opportunity to run. It’s nothing against you. It’s just who I’ve become.

I associate commitment with a loss of independence and my heart naturally longs for freedom.

Deep down I know relationships don’t have to be suffocating. I’m just biased because it’s all I’ve known.

But I think you can change my mind. You never ask too much of me. You care without expectation. I appreciate that about you. So I’ll try to be a better me because you’re always giving the best of you.

Lucky One


My motto when it comes to dating: Anyone that gets a chance with me should feel lucky. Basically, act right or get lost. Mind you, I hardly ever act right because I don’t think the rules apply to me. Remember, I’m the catch…not you.

But then I met you. I was nervous. I had butterflies. I questioned myself about things I never think twice about. I was afraid of messing up. I started to tell myself to act right and let go of the games I usually play.

So I sit here and wonder if it’s possible that I found someone that flipped the script on me. Is it possible I’m the lucky one that needs to step my game up?

As I sit and think, you text me. A picture of a four leaf clover loads on my screen. You found it days ago, but didn’t pick it.  You wanted to leave it in the ground until I came to your house. While I was there, you forgot to give it to me. Even though you’re upset it has two “stupid holes” in it, I think it’s perfect. Perfect because it came at the perfect time. I got the sign that answered my question.

I am lucky.

Head In The Clouds


I’m sitting on this plane, staring at the clouds under me. They are different shades of beautiful colors from the sunset.

I’m one of those corny people that easily gets awed by nature. I automatically become appreciative of everything I have, good and bad. I start to think about life. As I’m thinking, you come to mind.

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Always Pick You Flowers



My friend and I decided to go to a bar. We picked a place within walking distance. Neither one of us wanted to be responsible for driving. We had no high expectation for the night since we were both tired. We actually almost opted out of going because we were both sleeping twenty minutes prior. But I’m happy that we did because halfway through our walk, you handed me a flower. This small, free flower that was plucked off the side of a dirt road made my heart melt like I was 13 again.

It wasn’t the actually flower that I cared about. It was the thought behind it. I don’t know how many flowers I have walked by in my life, but I know that I have never stopped to pick one for somebody. Usually, I’m so stuck in my thoughts that I pay no attention what’s happening around me or I’m preoccupied with my phone.

We constantly look down at our phones. We check Instagram during dinner. We update our Facebook status while talking with friends. We forget to live in the moment. But this person didn’t do that. This person was in it with me.

That’s when I realized that I need to appreciate this person. The one who does the little things to show they care.

Now fast forward in time….

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