Learn About Me

I was born in Waterbury, Connecticut. My mother was young when she had me so we lived  in my grandparents house until I was in 6th grade. I am an only child, but it felt like my aunt and uncles were my siblings. I have always been a family oriented person.

I graduated from CCSU with a BA in social work and a minor in sociology. I wanted to work in prisons. I took time interning with programs that dealt with offenders. When I graduated, I started working with children in a program called IICAPS (intense in-home child and adolescent psychiatric services). Later, I moved on to working for the state of Connecticut’s child protective service as a social worker and investigator.

I never was the type of person to let lose. I was a full-time student, worked part time, was an RA in my dorm, and interned. I did not drink in high school or college. I was in a five year relationship, and spent my free time with my family. I graduated and got an intense 8-5 job with lots of overtime.

Once my aunt passed away, I realized I wasn’t living my life the way I wanted to. I decided to be single, find myself, and quit my job. Some people thought I was insane. Maybe I was, but that decision brought me to places I would never expect.

I started this blog because I miss talking to people like I did when I was doing social work. So I hope you enjoy my writing. Please feel free to contact me and give me ideas of things you would like to hear about.

Love always, Carissa.