Learn About Me

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I was born in Waterbury, Connecticut to a wonderful, young mother who lived with her parents, brothers, and sister. Although I was an only child, I was constantly surrounded by people. We lived in my grandparents house until I was in 6th grade.

I grew up playing softball from fourth grade through high school. I did Irish step-dancing, joined a hip-hop group, tried being a cheerleader, and did karate. I never really loved any of them, but I was pretty open to trying different things.

I went to Central Connecticut State University for a bachelor degree in social work, with a minor in sociology. Along with being a full-time student, I was a resident assistant, office assistant, worked part time in a makeup department, and interned in a jail.  I was always busy and I was in a relationship from 16-21, so I wasn’t partying.

After college, I started working with children in a program called IICAPS (intense in-home child and adolescent psychiatric services). Shortly after, I moved on to working for the state of Connecticut’s Child Protective Services.

I thought that was going to be my job forever.  However, I lost my aunt to cancer and it was the first time I realized life is short. I felt the need to take more risks and find out what I was made of. I became single, quit my job, got on a reality show, travelled, and move across the country.

I had a lot of fun in Los Angeles and then I went back to creating a plan for myself.  I went to the University of Southern California and obtained my master’s degree in the social worker advance standing program.  I worked in multiple therapy settings while obtaining my clinical hours.

I am currently in the process of studying for my LCSW exam so I can operate independently.

I started this blog to reach a community of people.   Let’s make conversations about mental health easy and accessible.  I want to share my story so I can hopefully help you, while you also help me.  Feel free to share your thoughts and let me learn from you.

Nothing but love, Carissa.