Twin Flames

I learned this really interesting concept recently out of the blue. It resonated so much that I wondered if it could have fallen into my path on purpose. Was I supposed to learn about this theory to help explain my own journey?

First of all, I really don’t know if it’s true or not. Second of all, I kind of don’t want it to be.

The idea that there is a second half to your soul in someone else’s body that somehow magnetically pulls you towards them in life so that you must cross paths is a scary concept to me. Even worse, no matter what we do in life, (stay together, break up, move across the country, cut all physical ties) we will forever be connected spiritually.

Now, some might say this is actually a cute concept, but let me also tell you this. The likeliness of the relationship going smoothly is almost slim to none because this person is the mirror to your soul. Just as looking in a mirror would do, your twin flame will reflect all of you and show each part of you. That means the good, the bad, and the ugly. They will bring out those demons you’ve been hiding deep down and force you to look at yourself just as a mirror would. To make things more interesting, the pair is almost always a very unlikely match. Since the two people are counterparts to one another, they have very different personalities because each soul carries opposite aspects of the spectrum to form the whole one soul together. 

Once again, you may find that great in theory, but to have someone bring out the side of you that you purposely hide sounds scary to me. I believe you should always work on yourself, ground your being, and be happy. I do not however look forward to someone else forcing me to do so by dragging out all the ugly parts of me and making me face them. This must be why there are seven stages to a twin flame relationship, two of which are titled “the crisis” and “running and chasing”.

It seems like the relationship brings out so much intensity of the soul that it forces the two to separate. The only way they will get back together is if they both work on loving themselves separately because (ironically) you share the same soul so the only way to love one another is to love yourself.

This is some trippy s**t. To be honest, I really thought it was some crazy made up love story for people to feel better about their dysfunctional relationships and hold on to a bad situation because they are too afraid to let go. However, I found so much information online that unfolded so many aspects of this dynamic that I thought it might actually be possible. I listened to stories that hit home for me each time, which made it hard to ignore.

Am I part of a twin flame? I don’t know. Am I falling down the internet rabbit whole and losing my mind in nonsense? Maybe. Could I have discovered an answer to some of my life choices because I’ve been asking for guidance and answers? Possibly.

I don’t know if I will ever know, but I hope one day I do. Only time will tell. Please feel free to share your twin flame stories, research, thoughts, and so on in the comments because I am genuinely interested in understanding this concept.

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