Why You Should Create A Vision Board

There are many different ways to create a vision board. You can buy a poster board, small cardboard, or create digitally. You can develop real pictures, cut out images and words from magazines, or find things online. However you want to create this board is fine. It’s your vision after all so you build how you see fit.

But why build in the first place? For me, visual aids are always helpful. Just as I discussed in my journaling blog, having something concrete makes you more focused and aware. You have to take time to think about what is important, what you want, and how you see it happening. Creating a vision board does not mean you are going to get everything you want right away because you put it on paper, but it does help stay on track as a daily reminder of what you are working for.

I made my vision board on the computer. It was my first time doing it this way. I usually like the process of looking through images, cutting things out, and putting it together, but it didn’t work for me this time. I am in Connecticut and I was not going to travel with a poster board back to California. I thought making a vision board on my computer is a good thing for people who travel a lot. You can save it on your laptop and make it your background if you like. I didn’t know that because it made my screen too chaotic, but it is a good idea for some people. I printed my vision board out and put it in a frame. You can print at places like staples and office max to get a customized size like 10 x 10 in good quality.

If you decide to print the vision board, you can put it in a frame. It can sit on your desk in Connecticut, fit in your suitcase, and sit on your desk in California.

For my board, I decided to create 4 goals. I sectioned the board into quarters. The top left goal is become more connected to the universe, myself, and intuition to become a more grateful and empowered woman. The top right goal is to get a job that inspires me, allows me to collaborate with others, and pays well. I decided to put a specific amount on the board because the social work field does not pay well. I want to find a job that allows me to live a comfortable life. I am not looking to get rich, but I do need to survive so I landed on a solid number that will help me reach this goal.

The bottom half goals kind of merged together. The two goals are to create a home that I love and is filled with love. In order to do this, I need to 1. rent an apartment and 2. fill it with things that make me feel peaceful and happy. This circles back to the goal in the top left which requires me to be more connected to myself by taking care of my body (you will see the pictures of a healthy organized refrigerator, waking up early feeling refreshed, reading and writing more to feel creative and happy in my space, and clutter free areas). This also circles back to landing a job that pays well.

I was hesitant to share my board, but then I figured there is no point in being afraid to share my hopes. All of my goals connect and will bring me to the place I want to be. They are personal to me. Some of these goals will take longer than others. The board is supposed to be a snapshot into the future. Do not be intimated by the things you want. They may take time, but they will come.

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