Living in Fall

Growing up in Connecticut the first 24 years of my life meant that summers fade, leaves change and eventually fall to the ground as the snow prepares to come again.  When this is all you know, you find no fascination in the nature around you.  It’s part of life and for some people, it’s considered a sad part of life.  You hear, “I hate when Memorial Day comes. That means it’s getting cold and I hate the snow.” We bypass fall and go straight towards our hatred for winter.

Moving to LA took fall and winter away.  I honestly didn’t even notice.  It never crossed my mind the beauty I was missing because I never thought of it as special.  I took it for granted.  Until I woke up this morning in Connecticut after two years of being away.  I felt the crisp breeze coming through my window.  It felt like the first day of school and I remised on my own experiences.  It was a nostalgia I never knew I had.  All of a sudden, I appreciated fall.  I appreciated that certain air that comes with summer ending.

And then I thought, isn’t this just how life is? We take for granted things around us because they’ve always been there or they’re all we know.  One day you wake up, once it’s been gone, and realize how much you liked it.  It becomes a valued treasure after it’s been thrown away.

Don’t forget to appreciate what you have. Don’t take for granted what is yours.  Take time to soak everything in and don’t rush anything away because they will be gone one day and you will wonder why you did.

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