Bet On Love


If I had to bet on our love, I wouldn’t put the money on us lasting a lifetime. We know our odds.  They aren’t in our favor. We get credit for not letting the lack of  likeliness stop us, but we both know this will always be a tough battle.

So what would I bet on then….


I believe we met for a reason; we have a purpose. You came to me at an important point in my life. You’re there when I feel alone, doubtful, and nervous. You’ve helped me open up again.

We support and want the best for each other. There is nothing impure in this connection.

So my bet is that no matter what happens, we will never dishonor, disrespect, or wrong each other.  I will always be able to trust you. You will never purposely hurt me.

The significance of our love will not be determined by the length of our relationship. Rather, the ability to believe in eachother and know that we will not hurt one another no matter what happens.



This relationship may not be meant to last a lifetime, but our connection can.

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