Who You Should Let Go Of



I have a habit of analyzing people, figuring out their habits, and then trying to counsel them. Maybe it’s the social worker in me. I will be friends with almost anyone.

The issue with this is that I can attract the wrong people. People that are very draining in nature. I take on the role of being a loyal listener and get involved with solving their problems as if they are my own. It becomes exhausting. So I hit the point when the person needs to step up and I need to step back.

It took me time to realize I am not a bad person for distancing myself. I have no problem helping when times get tough, but I cannot constantly extend myself.  As soon as I find myself putting in more effort than the person in need of help, it is time to walk away. There is absolutely nothing I can do for someone who won’t put in the effort.

I’ve spent the past several months distancing myself from people I no longer find beneficial in my life. Maybe some people will find that selfish, but I think it’s okay to put yourself first. As much as I want to help others, I need to remind myself that I am my priority. I need to do what makes me happy.

Having negative people around will never bring positivity into your life. The jealous friends that never seem happy when you achieve something…get rid of them. The friends who constantly gossip and talking bad about others…stop talking to them. They probably talk poorly about you too. The friends who have no motivation in their own life so they minimizing your dreams..stop sharing your hopes with them.

Don’t let negative people weigh you down. Surround yourself with people who lift you up, believe in you, and want to see you do good.

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