Lucky One


My motto when it comes to dating: Anyone that gets a chance with me should feel lucky. Basically, act right or get lost. Mind you, I hardly ever act right because I don’t think the rules apply to me. Remember, I’m the catch…not you.

But then I met you. I was nervous. I had butterflies. I questioned myself about things I never think twice about. I was afraid of messing up. I started to tell myself to act right and let go of the games I usually play.

So I sit here and wonder if it’s possible that I found someone that flipped the script on me. Is it possible I’m the lucky one that needs to step my game up?

As I sit and think, you text me. A picture of a four leaf clover loads on my screen. You found it days ago, but didn’t pick it.  You wanted to leave it in the ground until I came to your house. While I was there, you forgot to give it to me. Even though you’re upset it has two “stupid holes” in it, I think it’s perfect. Perfect because it came at the perfect time. I got the sign that answered my question.

I am lucky.

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