The Lucky One



I wouldn’t call myself a conceited person, but I do know my worth. I’m not afraid to be alone. I don’t freely offer time, effort, or affection. You have to be lucky to get that.

I date casually, but it’s mostly for entertainment purposes and to pass time. But true commitment is a whole different story. There are high expectations that need to be met in order to catch me. Unfortunately, so many people seem mediocre.

Then I met you. Your raw emotion, ability to care, and genuine energy caught my attention and has not lost it since. Your sincerity found a way to make me open up about life, thoughts, past pain, and everything important to me.

I might not want to admit it, but I’m starting to wonder if I finally found someone worth my time, effort, and affection.

Are you lucky enough to have me?

As I’m debating this question in my head, you text me. A picture of a four leaf clover loads on my screen.


You meant to pick it when I was at your house, but forgot.  Now you’re upset it has two “stupid holes”.

It probably looked better when you first found it, but I was meant to get it now not then. This is the sign that helped me realize the answer to my question….

You are not the lucky one. I am.

Lucky to have someone who makes me feel cared for. Someone that thinks of me even during random, insignificant moments…like walking past clovers. Someone that shows genuine interest in my life and reminded me how to open up again.

For so many reasons, I am lucky to have you.

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