Am I Being Cheating On?


The number one googled relationship question. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a definite answer.

What I can provide is some tips to help process your thoughts. Sorry girllll, but you’ll have to come up with the answer on your own this time.

I don’t know your relationship norms so it is difficult to say exactly what is wrong or right. For example, I tell you that one sign of cheating is your spouse becomes short with you. One might say, “OMG, yes, I noticed he used to text me all day, but out of nowhere he started taking a long time to answer. When he does answer, it’s just a couple words and he is never specific about what he is doing.” However, someone else might say that their boyfriend frequently complains about how much his girlfriend wants to text so it’s not surprising when he sends short answers. It’s also possible that the boyfriend that changed his texting habits has been extra busy and has less time to be on his phone. So you will have to really think about these tips and determine what is true for you.

Some studies report there are specific physical signs to look for, such as no eye contact, too much blinking, and stuttering. It is thought that someone who is lying will have a hard time looking you in the eyes. This can be because the person feels guilty or is afraid of being caught so they look at everything around you, but you. It makes it easier to lie. Stuttering can come from not knowing what to say. Maybe you asked a question that stumped them and they can’t think of a lie fast enough.

Considering it is 2017 and the wold is addicted to technology, there are signs involving this as well. Maybe your partner isn’t posting about the relationship anymore. Maybe you tried logging into their e-mail and can’t get in because the password was changed. Maybe they all of sudden become very gauged about their phone. Every time you get close, they lock the screen and put the phone face down so you cannot see if a message pops up.

Honestly, there are many things that someone does when they are lying and cheating. I can go on for an hour, but none of it will matter because I do not know your relationship.  What if I tell you that your boyfriend is cheating because he came home late from work the past week so you decide to break up with him. Come to find out, he was actually working overtime to afford a surprise vacation. That might be a stretch of an explanation, but you get the point. This signs are the good starting points, but there will always be the one exception.

The one concrete thing I can offer for certain is to follow your gut instinct. Your intuition will tell you if something is wrong. You probably already knew your answer before you started reading this. A lot of times we want to turn a blind eye. We want to look for something that tells us we are wrong. But I am here to tell you to go with your instinct when this happens. If you think something is wrong, address it. The answers you get will either ease your mind, make you more concerned, or give you enough reason to end it.

Don’t ever doubt yourself. You are more aware than you give yourself credit for.

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