Always Pick You Flowers


My friend and I decided to go to a bar. We picked a place within walking distance. Neither one of us wanted to be responsible for driving. We had no high expectation for the night since we were both tired. We actually almost opted out of going because we were both sleeping twenty minutes prior. But I’m happy that we did because halfway through our walk, you handed me a flower. This small, free flower that was plucked off the side of a dirt road made my heart melt like I was 13 again.

It wasn’t the actually flower that I cared about. It was the thought behind it. I don’t know how many flowers I have walked by in my life, but I know that I have never stopped to pick one for somebody. Usually, I’m so stuck in my thoughts that I pay no attention what’s happening around me or I’m preoccupied with my phone.

We constantly look down at our phones. We check Instagram during dinner. We update our Facebook status while talking with friends. We forget to live in the moment. But this person didn’t do that. This person was in it with me.

That’s when I realized that I need to appreciate this person. The one who does the little things to show they care.

Now fast forward in time….

I am talking with this friend and I remember the night we walked to the bar.  I confessed that of all the fun things we have done, it was the memory of the flower that stuck with me. I quickly became anxious to see if this memory stuck with them too.

The response I got was, “Yes, I remember and I will always pick a flower for you.”

My heart fluttered a little. Some of you won’t understand. You’ll be thinking, “What’s the big deal about a flower?” People have been giving them to their crushes, partners, lovers, and whatever else you want to call it since Valentines Day was invited and people needed to say I’m sorry. Flowers are nothing new to, but let me explain why this was different.

It’s easy to go to the store on Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or birthday and buy roses. It’s almost a thoughtless gift because it’s such a cliche. But what about all the other days of the year when there is no reason to do anything? How many people take the time to do the little things on an insignificant day when you’re mindlessly walking down the street? How many people live in the moment with you? How many people free themselves from all distractions and truly appreciate your presence? Not many.

Never forget to appreciate the smalls things and never forget to appreciate the person who appreciates you. No small deed should go unnoticed.

Thank you to my beautiful flower picker.

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