Always Pick You Flowers


Me and my partner decided to go to a bar. It was within walking distance. We had low expectations for the night since we were both sleeping twenty minutes prior to leaving.

On our way there, they plucked a small flower out of the dirt road and handed it to me. That was when an insignificant night turned significant.

I’ve walked by hundreds of flowers in my lifetime. I have never stopped to pick one for somebody. Neither has anyone ever picked one for me.

Part of the problem is that I’m so absorbed in my thoughts that I pay no attention to what’s around me. We live in a generation that constantly looks down at their phones. The only time we pay attention to the scenery is when we want to take a picture for social media. We check Instagram during dinner. We update Facebook statuses while talking with friends.

Everyone has forgotten to live in the moment.

While I’m writing this, I remember how much I loved that night.  I texted that person to confess the memory of the flower has stuck with me.

They responded to let me know they remembered too.

So you’re asking, Carissa, what’s the big deal about a flower? Why are you writing a blog about this?

People have been giving flowers to crushes, partners, lovers, and whoever else since Valentines Day was invited and people needed to say I’m sorry. Flowers are nothing new.

But let me explain why this was different…

It’s very easy to go to the store on Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or birthday and buy roses. It’s such an effortless, cliche gift. But what about all the other days of the year?

How many people take the time to do the little things on an insignificant day when you’re mindlessly walking down the street?

How many people live in the moment with you?

How many people free themselves from all distractions and truly appreciate your presence?

I will make an effort from here on out to appreciate the small thins that people do for me.  And, I will remember to do the small things for others.

I will never forgot to appreciate the person who appreciates me.

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